Safety and Emergency Settings Samsung

Safety and Emergency Settings Samsung

Hey guys ricardo here and welcome to another blog tech tips in today’s tutorial guys i’ll be looking at the safety and emergency settings for safety and emergency settings for your samsung device now of course it should be standard across all devicesespecially if you’re updated and of course with um

Safety and Emergency Settings Samsung

information being critical to your care and your phone is always with you it could be difference between life and death especially in an emergency situation where you need to give access to medical information that can be stored on your phone for your own personal safety if you so choose to fill it out

all right to find the settings you’re going to go ahead and go to settings once again settings guys um it should be in the main options if you scroll down um just a bit roughly around the mid section of the settings menu you should see safety and emergency so go ahead and tap safety and

Emergency and you should see the option right here now of course um you can go ahead and fill out medical information emergency contact you can have the sos feature emergency wireless alerts location services um silent notifications while driving and

you have emergency mode but the two key ones here is the emergency contact and of course the medical info we’ll be focusing on the medical info see that one is very important so go ahead and tap on medical info and

you’ll see medical response others can have access to the info when your phone is locked so of course this information will be made um available even from your device um screen so just in case of an emergency the medical responders can see your information and

can pertain or obtain certain information especially as you might be unconscious and unable to give
the information it could be the difference between life and death so go ahead and hit edit and this is the standard form and of course let’s go to it very quickly and

it says medical conditions and you’ll enter any medical conditions here um it could be something like um
you have been uh being allergic to peanuts for example or of course maybe you as a specific medication which you’re um you’re allergic to you’d want to put it there so enter any

medical conditions you may have more specifically it could be something like you have diabetes asthma you name it place your medical conditions there are so on for the first feel so go ahead and list out all your medical conditions asthma um whatever it may be that’s a diagnosed medical condition next

your allergies are you allergic to peanuts are you allergic to shellfish go ahead and mention those as uh that’s a very important information your current medication are you on any current medication enter any medication here so the doc the emts can decide whether or not um if you’re needed of

medicine they can know if you’ll have a reaction based on what you’re taking um enter your blood type here you should know this just in case you need blood or transfusion this one is very important so enter your blood type next other if there’s anything that is of note or any emergency information

you normally give your doctors um place it here and of course these are general information that’s not too super um personal that’s something you can give out so of course it should show up on your um on the the screen of your phone so it’s very important that you fill this out as

it can be the difference between life and death so go ahead and fill those out and hit save once you see if it should appear here of course you can also have your emergency contact as additional one and of course your medical contact would be your next of kin so whoever is the person that um to

in case of emergency it will be on your phone and of course they can also get to the hospital or so on to um aid you all right so those are the two key ones there so make sure that you fill out the safety and

emergency information in the device just want to point that out all right so ricardo got it from block tech tips see my until next time bye

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