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Modern Swedish Dish Clothes for Washing Dishes (3 Pack) | Swedish Dishcloths for Kitchen | Swedish Dish Cloths Reusable | European Dishcloths for Kitchen | Sweedish Dishtowels | Swedish Dish Cloth

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The Emmerson Co’s eco-friendly swedish towels for kitchen or minimalist kitchen towels are manufactured and designed by minimalist and modern designs that will look beautiful in any kitchen or home. Keep your kitchen & home fresh & clean. The eco-friendly dish rags for washing dishes are made from cellulose and cotton & are built to be lightweight, highly absorbent and dry quickly. Kitchen dish clothes for washing dishes are reusable cotton cloths , top rack dishwasher and washing machine safe. Lay flat to dry. Cleaning with flowing water helps to remove oil and stains better from your european dishcloths. These features and a high-quality material make them a long lasting cellulose dish cloth. These Swedish dishcloths for kitchen washing dishes are extremely versatile. Just one kitchen wipes reusable cloth can replace 17 rolls of paper towels, and 7 sponges. Paper dish wash cloths, wipes, and dish cloths for kitchen washing dishes. Ideal for kitchen cleaning if you want reusable kitchen towels! Use these as dish cloths for washing dishes odor free, sponges, or kitchen dishcloths to manually dry dishes from a finished meal, these are excellent replacement for your sponges. Can be used for dusting and wiping, or as a kitchen napkin.The Emmerson Co reusable dish cloth can absorb up to 15x its weight. Besides kitchen uses, these are also perfect for cleaning up spills, using as handy wipes, and even washing the car. We believe this sponge cloth is the perfect addition for your daily cleaning and household needs year round! Get your Swedish dish rags for kitchen washing dishes today!
Add Some Flair & Style: Original pattern and artwork, the Swedish kitchen dish cloths will bring vitality to your kitchen and bring a pleasant cleaning experience by using these towels in kitchen. The handmade design adds appeal and style unlike standard kitchen dish cloth making these reusable handy wipes a great gift for Swedish homes.
Reusable & Natural Kitchen Cleaning Cloths: Crafted of premium quality cellulose and cotton, these compostable and reusable sponges for dishes are biodegradable. The reusable Swedish dishcloth is all natural without any chemicals to ensure your health and safety. We are sure these cellulose sponge cloths will be your new favorite eco cleaning cloth!
Extremely Versatile: These Swedish cleaning cloths are excellent paper towel replacement sponges, wipes, and kitchen rags for dishes. These magic cloths for cleaning can also be used for car wash, counter wipes , bathroom cleaning cloth , dust removing cloths, kitchen dish wash cloths or for daily cleaning glass, cars, etc.
Super Soft, Absorbent & Quick to Dry: The Swedish towels can soak up to 15x their own weight, and are highly absorbent dish towels also known as quick dry washcloth. The reusable cotton cloths do not scratch the surfaces, are comfortable to touch, durable, absorbent, and made from sustainable resources. These are magic cloths for cleaning!

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