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Lunch Box Lunch Box Vacuum Insulated Flask for Hot Food, Stainless Steel Soup Thermos porridge Food Jar with Handle, Food Storage Carrier Container Bento Box enjoy a hot lunch on the go.

Price: $112.74
(as of Nov 22,2022 15:54:54 UTC – Details)

Stop throwing away single-use bags and containers. These BPA-free, reusable lunch box trays include individual compartments, are food safe & made to last.
Large Capacity Food Jar: The 1.3L,2.0L capacity is sufficient for carrying a full-size lunch or dinner. The size is suitable for most of people and perfect for adults and teenagers.
Wide Mouth: 5 inch-wide mouth accommodates chunky foods Easy to clean, fill and eat.
Double Lids: The inner plastic lid enhances insulation and prevents leaks, the outer lid can be used as a bowl.
Stainless Steel: The flask itself is made of high-quality stainless steel. It has double walls with vacuum space in between that provides insulation.

Capacity: 1.3L,2.0L
Wide mouth: 5 inch
Size: 12.5*17.5 cm,12.5*22.5 cm
Color: Pink

This insulation pot can make porridge:
1. Preheat the lining with boiling water
2. Preheat for 3-5 minutes, then pour out (this step is very important)
3. Add ingredients (recommended ratio of water to rice is 4:1)
4. Add 100 ° C boiling water
5. Wait 60 minutes for delicious cooking

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Durable lunch box containers have a secure lid seal to prevent leaking
▼ The compact and elegant handle design is ideal for schools, work, outings, picnics, travel, fitness and more. The vacuum box has a capacity of 1.3L/2.0L and is large enough to accommodate children/adults. A better choice for lunch boxes. Enjoy a healthy lunch anytime, anywhere.
▼ Insulated warm lunch box with wide mouth design makes the food cans easy to fill and clean, users can eat directly from the can, and the handle is thick and comfortable, no need to buy an extra lunch box.
▼ The soup bucket can be used for soups, dishes and rice dishes. The 2 layer 1.3L/3 layer 2.0L capacity food bottle allows you to pack a variety of foods for work, school, picnic or camping.

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