Love Spice In Your Meal? Try Out This Bihari-Style Tomato Chutney Recipe

In India, every region has its unique food culture with a rich history, going back more than a thousand years. Bihar is one such amazing region to explore. Bihar’s gastronomy is a melting pot of many influences and has a strong usage of local grains, pulses and agricultural produce. What manages to strike a chord with us is the uncomplicated marriage of flavours.

Every meal offers a balance of sweet, sour and salty taste that leaves a wholesome experience in our mind. Take the classic litti chokha for instance. Hot, baked, ghee-laden litti, when served with aloo-baingan chokha, makes for a perfect meal to relish. But have you ever wondered what actually creates the layer of flavours to the dish? It’s the tamatar chutney served by the side. The ones who love litti chokha can totally relate to it. Right?

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About Bihari-style tamatar chutney (tomato chutney):

Chutney is probably one of the most underrated dishes in an Indian thali. It is simple and flavourful and helps elevate your overall meal experience. That’s not all. Chutney is varied and follows no strict rules for preparation. Some like it raw, some like to prepare it in a kadhai. Some chutneys have a smooth texture, some are pounded coarsely. But unfortunately, we hardly give chutney its due credits.

Here, we bring you a delicious tomato chutney recipe that is a must-try at home. A typical Bihari-style tomato chutney includes tomato, garlic, chilli pepper and some basic spices. Some like adding mustard oil for that extra zing. What makes Bihari-style tomato chutney so special is its bold and distinctive flavour profile. The mix of strong spices (and mustard oil at times) creates a powerful and pungent taste that adds a kick of heat to any dish.

Besides, Bihari chutney is often made using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, enhancing the taste and authenticity of the dishes. The balance of sweetness and sourness of tomatoes also add depth and complexity to the flavour of the chutney.

Difference between tomato chutney and tomato achar:

We often get confused between chutney and achar. While both are popular desi condiments and help enhance the flavours of the dish, if you dive in deep, you will find some striking differences between the two.

Tomato chutney is like a savoury sauce, made with tomato, onion, garlic and spices. It is either pounded fresh or sauteed in a kadhai to create a smooth, sweet-tangy chutney. You can pair it with your meal or have it spread on roti, bread or paratha.

On the other hand, tomato achar is a spicy, tangy condiment made with whole or chopped tomatoes, spices and oil. The ingredients are typically mixed together and left for pickling (fermentation) for several days. This allows the flavours to meld together. You can also pair tomato pickle with rice, roti or paratha.


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How to make Bihari-style tomato chutney:

To make this dish, we need tomatoes, garlic, green chillies, coriander leaves, onion and some spices.

First, roast the tomatoes, garlic and chillies on a gas stove. Once the skin is charred, de-skin the vegetables. Now, take a mortar-pestle and add garlic cloves and green chilli together. Mash everything well.

Add coriander leaves and mash well. Now, add the tomatoes and mix them into a coarse paste. To it, add onion, salt, red chilli and roasted jeera and mix everything well. And in no time, you have a delicious Bihari-style tomato chutney ready to be relished. Click here for the detailed recipe.

Prepare this yummy chutney today and pair it with your meal for that extra zing. Happy indulgence!

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