BIG CRASH Most of us have, at shey what’s going on team it’s ricky i’m gonna make this thing super short and sweet uh the news of russia invading ukraine um we were talking about you know there being some form of tension news outlets have been talking about this for a couple of weeks um just a couple hours ago right uh we got the announcement that russia has enough troops to invade ukraine right and that they can do it any moment this does bring a lot of uncertainty we are getting


so many questions right now of you know what’s going on like should i freak out at the end of the day like first off we talked about position size right uh we were not experiencing any form of confirmation just yet for the market to recover we are still oversold we’re still cheap we got cheaper does this change orshould this change your overall plan um at the end of the day do what’s best what you think is for your future self right but the way that

i view this is that if you are light with your position you know this shouldn’t freak you out that’s the whole purpose of you taking a light position if you’re invested meaning that your intention is to buy and hold and sell at a much later time i don’t see this to be super devastating yes it might prolong the time it takes for the market to recover it might take some more

time right definitely right especially if if more negative news ends up influencing the market 100 but this is why you know you’re in it for the long haul it’s all about your intention i just got off the phone with my brother uh and he was like dude like there’s just so many good prices right we have tesla at eight hundred and sixty dollars a share right look how cheap it is it’s at the moving average it was previously and

nearly at thirteen hundred dollars a share right not not just this but literally like just everything that falls under attack i mean everything pulled back today right especially as this announcement of russia potentially going into war with ukraine it does bring a lot of uncertainty one of the things that i want to share with you is that if the market continues to sell off there’s specific ways on how you can make money right there’s sqq it’s a triple leveraged

etf i would not recommend this for beginners but this goes up when the nasdaq market goes down and it’s up 9.44 today so understand that you can have your long-term investments that’s your plan to invest for the long haul this news just prolongs the period and the time that it’s going to take for those to recover but you’re in it for the long haul so your intention in my opinion shouldn’t change when it comes down to something like this if you like to trade not

everyone does some people view it too risky as you should right but if you like to trade i want you to be aware that there’s ways that you still can make money when the market goes down and this is for the nasdaq market this is a triple leveraged etf but there is an etf that’s an inverse for almost every specific market for um the s p 500 it’s spxs if i’m not mistaken is that correct yeah this one’s up six percent today so

this does the opposite of what the sp 500 does right so a lot of you guys know about spy but maybe some of you guys don’t know about s p x s that’s the inverse of spy and then there’s udo that is based off of the overall dow jones there’s udo and then there’s i think it’s s dao let me just double check yeah this one’s up four percent so i have a big focus on tech but again being realistic i know that everyone’s not on the same boat with me you might


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