How To Use Morph Transition in PowerPoint

Microsoft powerpoint has introduced a very interesting feature that is morph transition and in this video i will show you how you can use the morph transition in microsoft powerpoint so the transition which you just saw actually was a morph transition i am going to build up something new just to show you that what all you can do with this morph transition for example if i take a circle and

i give it a color i’m just gonna give it a dull color i’m gonna make it a copy of this and now i will show you that with the help of this mauve transition you don’t have to be an expert in the animations just by few actions on microsoft powerpoint you can create the amazing transitions uh that can impress your audience so to use the morph transition you have to build up the first slide so this is our initial slide and

then you need to duplicate this slide by pressing the ctrl d or you can also right click and click this duplicate slide so you will have the second version of slide now on this slide whatever the final position you want your elements to adopt after the animation you have to um do that over here so one thing i probably you can do is to reduce the size the second thing we would do

that will change the position the third change we want is that this should even change the color similarly we’ll do the changes on the second one also so we’ll move this towards the right corner and we’ll also change the color to a blue one so and let’s see now that how this would look i would just select the second slide we’ll go to the transitions and we’ll select morph and

now i will show you by selecting the first slide going to slideshow and then now if i click as you can see that this animation the elements have changed their size position and even their color so let’s play an interesting game so i’ll just make a copy of everything which we have already created but we will change the color of every circle let’s see now what happens so

this is how you can use the morph transition on your microsoft powerpoint and you can create the amazing effects in this version which i showed you this circle was moved to here and i have changed the position of this bar from right to the left similarly i have changed the color of this and moved it here and then these crosses are doing the circular motion and

then there was one more which i would show you that if i click here you can see that this bar has moved to this place and now these crosses are doing a circular motion which are which are creating a very good effect and then this triangle is started to move from the left side of the slide to the right and

it will continue to move so this way you can create the very amazing effects in powerpoint by using the animations involved transition uh if there is anything else you want to ask you can ask in the comment section below in any

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