How To Use Grammarly in Overleaf Latex Editor

I will show you how you can use the grammarly uh with the overleaf latex online editor and if you’re already user of overleaf you would know that it is an editor which is online which means that you use it within your browser and the good thing to know that the grammarly also has extensions for the popular browsers so whatever the browser you are using you just need to download the grammarly extension for that browser

i have given the link in the description you can click on that link which will take you to the grammarly home page and from where you can download the extension for your browsers this kind of a screen you would see you just need to click this and download the grammarly extension so once it is installed you need to click this extension icon and from here you can just pin the crammerly on to your toolbar and

the next thing you have to do is that you need to click this and you need to sign up with your email account i already have an account so i will log in you can log in with the google account so now i have signed into my grammarly account the next thing you have to do is that you need to open your overleaf home page and from the grammarly extension need you need to click and

from the pop-up menu you would see this check for writing suggestions on by default it is likely to be an off you just need to put it on so from this time onward whatever you are going to write in overleaf the grammarly is going to give you the suggestions in terms of the spelling errors punctuations and the other options that are there in the grammarly grammarly has both free and

premium version in the free version you would only get the spelling grammar and punctuation errors or corrections whereas in the premium version in addition to the free version you would get the clarity focused sentence rewrites tone adjustment plagiarism detection word choices formality level fluency and

additional advanced options the premium version would cost you twelve dollars a month which comes out to be 144 dollars a year whenever you intend to buy the grammarly premium version i would highly recommend that you buy it from my link you don’t have to pay anything extra but this channel is going to get an affiliate commission as it is an affiliate link in any case if you have found some value in this video do give it a like and

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