How to Take a Full Page Screen Capture on Windows

How much was the length of this screenshot and how quickly this has downloaded your full page screenshot in this video i am going to show you four methods with the help of which you can take the full page screen capture on your windows 10. these scrolling screen capture methods would include one chrome extension one software one website and

a one shortcut key so starting with the chrome extensions when you will go to google chrome web store and you will type full page screen shot or screen capture you will see a lot of screen capture chrome extensions you can download any of these and then you can use these as a chrome extensions work to take the full page screen capture shots the second method which

i want to recommend is a paid one it is a software by the techsmith and the software is called snagit and you can buy this screen capture and recording software and once you click this buy button you can see that you can buy it for 62 dollars which i would never recommend to spend this much of money on just taking a one screen shot or a couple of screenshots which you might require anyways

i just wanted to show you the paid method which is available the third method which i want to recommend is a website and it is called full page screen you’ll have to put the url of the page which you want to capture and then after pasting the url you need to click the captcha now it is going to take some time to take the full page screenshot of the page for which you have given the url and

as you can see that it has taken the screenshot of this full page of this website and you can simply click to download to save this screen capture as you can see right now it has opened this in a new window and i can simply right click and save image as and i can download this the last and the fourth method with the help of which you can take the full page screenshot is with the help of a shortcut key which

you can use within your google chrome browser and i would recommend you to use this method because you don’t have to install anything into your chrome browser and also sometimes these websites which are i have shown you they work and

sometimes they do not work in case your web page is in the lengthier size then sometimes they give an error so this is the trial and tested method in order to use the shortcut key to take the full page screenshot you just need to go to the page for which you want to take a screenshot right click on that page and

click inspect element or in case of google chrome user you would see this inspect and it will open a window towards the right side and once this window is open now you need to click control shift and p it will open the command prompt within this inspect window and then you need to search for screen shot and here you would see the capture area short capture full size

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