10 Ways To Fix Gmail Queued Problem

Sometimes it happens that you’re trying to send an email from your Gmail app and in and it gets stuck in your outbox and is displayed as a cued mail in your outbox if you’re facing this problem then you have clicked the right video this video i will show you 10 ways with the help of which you would be able to resolve this issue the first step

i would recommend you to make sure that your gmail is automatically synced and in order to check that you need to go to your gmail app settings and from there you need to select the gmail account from which you are trying to send the email and on your account page you need to come to the bottom and make sure that

in data usage sync gmail this is checked so if it is unchecked make sure that it is checked it will automatically sync your gmails which means that your email incoming emails would not be automatically downloaded and your outgoing emails would be automatically uploaded or sent so after doing this you can again go to your outbox and

see that whether that mail is still there chances are that it will be transmitted the second possible reason could be that you have attached a larger file with your email and it is taking time to uh upload so that is why it is shown here in the outbox so in this case what you need to do is that you need to keep your internet on because sometimes it happens that we send we just press the send button and

then when we switch off the mobile data or we switch off the wi-fi in that case that mail will not go because the uploading of file will take time so keep the internet on for some time the chances are that email will be sent automatically the third possible reason that your mail is not being sent is that you have mobile data restrictions in your mobile settings so if you are trying to send an email through your mobile data and

if there are restrictions on gmail app to use the mobile data it will not be sent so you can shift to wi-fi and then you can check that whether it mail is sent or not the chances are that it will be sent but if you do not have a wi-fi connection from where you are trying to send an email then you need to remove the restrictions for that you need to go to the settings and then go to the apps within the list of apps you need can search for gmail and

in the gmail app info you can click the data usage and here you can see that the network mobile data is allowed or not so if it is switched off your gmail will not be able to send the mail from the mobile data so make sure that this is on one more thing you need to make sure which is on and that is this background data allowed so if this background mobile data is not on and

after transmitting the email you exit the app the app will not be able to use this mobile data in the background and your mail will not be sent so you need to make sure that this is also on so now you can go to your gmail box and then you can see the chances are that your mail would be sent in this case or your mobile data also so if this also doesn’t work you can what you can try is that you can switch to airplane mode for some uh time for few seconds and then you can switch back to the mobile data back to airplane and mobile data would

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