How To Send PDF To Email From Mobile

If you want to learn how to send the pdf file through email from your mobile then keep on watching this video because in this video i’m going to exactly show you that the video will be very short to the point so i will highly recommend to watch till the end and if you find some value do give it a like and

share it with any of your colleague who also wants to learn so i’ll be using the gmail in this case uh so in case you’re using anything else you can open that otherwise open your gmail app and then you have to click this compose start the new email so by default your email address would be there on the top and

on the bottom you can write the email to whom you want to send the pdf file give an email uh subject write the message so once you’re done with your message and you have written the subject and you’ve written the name of the person to whom you want to send the next thing is to attach the pdf file and

then send it so first how do you attach that in order to do that you need to click this clip icon which is on the top bar from here you would see the two options attach file and insert from drive so in case that file is there in your mobile you need to click this attach file and then you need to browse the pdf file which you want to attach then select that file and

that file will be attached and would be shown here on the bottom and once this all is done you can just press this send button and the message will be sent right now it is showing that message is being sent so right now it is has shown me the message on the top that there is one unsent message in the outbox and

the reason is that right now this file is being uploaded so you should keep your internet on for some time till the time this file your pdf file is completely uploaded so once this is completely uploaded this message will go off from the outbox and then you would be able to see this message in the send messages box but that’s the way you can send the pdf file uh through email from your mobile.

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