How To Play Wordle Online

It is 16 february 2022 and we are going to guess the word in the wordle game let’s start i’ll first type the audio if you’re not familiar with this game let me explain that these two letters which are shown in yellow means that these two letters are there in the actual word but they their locations are not right whereas the grayed out words means that these three letters are not there in the actual word

so we know that now the actual word contains you and a so i’ll uh type one more word to guess the actual word and that is other so none of this letter is there in the actual uh word so we have missed one chance so we are left with four attempts okay we’ll try this word i’m not sure that this word is there and

not let us so with this we have found that the a is reached to itsoriginal position where we have found a new letter also so the actual word is with l a and u what i think so i’m just going to randomly type the first letter a is here but i believe that u should be here and l should be here now we have to guess the first and last letter so we i’m going to try fault i’m not sure that this is the word or

not but i believe that with this i should be able to confirm these three letters in these three locations so let’s try so i was right now we just need to guess the first and last letter so now my best guess is that the last letter is y so i’m going to take a bet and now i will just now i just have to guess the first letter so i’ll be selecting the first letter as g and

last letter is y let’s see i’m not sure what word is it but my best guess is that this should be a word or at least i should be able to find one letter regarding why i am quite sure that with aul there should be y at the end let’s see so it says uh it is not a word should not accepted it so it’s been almost 25 minutes that i’m unable to guess this word so um to be fair i have taken the help from google and

according to the google the word is like somewhat like this i’m not sure what word it it is called but let’s see that whether this is the right answer or not so that’s the right answer but i don’t know what this word means so i was able to guess the word in the fifth attempt after taking the help from the google because frankly i’m i’ve never heard of this word and

let’s see what this word means in the google so we’ll check the word meaning of this word in google so according to the dictionary it is a waterproof filter or a sealant used in the building work and repairs so this is the picture and anyways that was the word uh for today if you’re not familiar with this wordle game uh it has gone viral all over the world it is presently available at

the new york times website because it has been i believe it has been purchased by new york times so you can just search for a word wordle and then go to the website and play the game by the way you can do that on your mobile also and this is especially very helpful if you want to

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