How To Make a Vertical Video in Canva

Canva is an online photo and video editing app on which you can create the youtube thumbnails and also youtube video shots and in this video i will be showing you how you can create the youtube video shots on your canva app are the vertical videos step one that you have to install the canva app on your mobile and

then sign in with your email account once you open the app you will see this interface on the top you will see the option of video click on that then from here you have to pick the format of the video select the mobile video while there are video templates available on this you can select the blank and create your own video the canva also has these stock footages you can select any of the stock footage and

you can insert that footage into your video i’m just going to delete the already inserted text that was there on this stock footage now in order to add the text click plus and then on the bottom you would see this option from here you can add your own video by clicking this upload you can add the photos and

you can add the text from here i’ll be selecting the default text you can change the font color you can also increase the font size you can center align the text left line and italicize underline the text you can also increase or decrease the transparency of your text you can select the font of your choice i’m just gonna decrease the font size a little bit i’ll decrease the line spacing and i’m gonna increase the font size and

make the text hundred percent non-transparent i’ll add my text i’ll edit the text there are different font effects available you can use all any of these fonts whatever you like and just keep the text as simple as it is possible we’ll just try and

see what kind of the video it is now we just need to animate our text these are the different animations that are available but i generally like one of these two one this bounce are burst but you can select any of these there are multiple text options available so just

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