How To Make a Calendar in Microsoft Word

I will show you how you can create the calendar in microsoft word i am going to run the video at a faster pace so if you are not catching it up you can select the uh slower version of the speed from the youtube player and let’s get started open the microsoft word create the blank document change the layout or

orientation of the page to landscape change the size of the page as per your printing requirements and then insert a table with the columns number of columns is 7 and the number of rows enough to adjust all the dates of the month merge the first row and write the name of the month and the year you can adjust the font as per your own desired and

in the second row type the abbreviated names of the days of the week scheme is purely a personal choice so you can try for yourself what suits you and then you can start to type the dates in all these cells and after uh last day you can write the additional dates of the next month however you can dull the font of the dates of the next month

for the sake of this tutorial i am selecting the uh color scheme pure black and white however as i’ve already said that you can select as per your own aesthetics you can centerline the table you can reduce the font size of the dates you can check out the print preview and then the week days and weekend days you can separate by changing the font color and this is how you can create a calendar in microsoft word.

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