Fulton Co. school board approves new license plate readers on school campuses

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – New technology will now be keeping an eye on hundreds of school campuses in Fulton County to help protect students and staff.

The school board approved funding for new license plate readers to be installed at every school site on Thursday night.

CBS46 spoke to the superintendent who said he was confident this was going to be the outcome of the vote because they have been testing these flock cameras and they have seen the system’s success.

The cameras scan the tags of cars entering the area of school campuses and if the car is stolen, registered to a criminal, or even the subject of a missing person investigation, then it will alert Fulton County law enforcement agencies immediately.

“Unfortunately, there are people who have been convicted of sex crimes, people that have been banned from school grounds, people who have brought weapons to school in the past and thus have court orders that say they can’t come to school and so we want to make sure that the people, as they come on to school campuses, are allowed to be there and don’t pose a risk,” said Dr. Mike Looney, Superintendent for the Fulton County School District.

The more than 200 license plate readers will be installed by January, and they will be funded by the one penny sales tax for education that funds other school projects in Fulton County.

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