Fiat-Crypto Transactions’ Completion Depends on Geology, Type, Size: Report

Financial transactions pertaining between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies depend heavily on the location from where the transactions are being initiated. The finding was shared in a research report by CoinTelegraph Research and OnRamper, a financial services provider. As per the report, 50 percent of transactions that include fiat and crypto fail due to patchy network and Internet connectivity issues. The findings were analysed on the history of transactions processed by CoinTelegraph’s onramper service. Crypto onramp platforms let users facilitate cross transactions between fiat and cryptocurrencies.

The research revealed that 90 percent people who fail at facilitating crypto-fiat transactions end up abandoning the process for the long term, which hinders crypto usage and overall adoption. These failures in transactions have been recorded despite all KYC requirements having been met by the users.

Africa and South America witness the lowest crypto-fiat transaction rates. Europe, on the other hand, has the highest rate of successful transactions.

In addition to location, the sizes and types of crypto-fiat transactions also play a crucial role in ensuring that the process is completed end-to-end.

Transactions amounting to $5,000 (roughly Rs. 4 lakh) and above are susceptible to seeing more failures than smaller transactions, the report noted. Crypto-fiat transactions of these sizes have recorded an authorisation rate of around 19 percent.

As per the study, if token service providers integrate more onramping platforms to their operations, it could offer people more options to try and successfully complete their transactions.

These transactions may include users trying to convert their fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies.

Overall, in recent years, the transactions related to crypto have picked pace, not only among retailers and individual investors but also among companies from around the world.

In the coming days, industry insiders are looking to solve the issues like transactional failures that currently prevail in the sector.

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