COVID-19 Infected Mother Gets “Perfect Salad” And A Sweet Note From Her Son

Parents get on their toes whenever their child falls sick. Be it ensuring a proper diet or medical care, parents know it all. Now, in a viral story, the tables have turned as a son took care of his sick mother in the most adorable way possible. He prepared a meal, which was accompanied by a super cute note. The woman, Erin Reed, shared that she was infected with COVID-19 and her son left a surprise outside her room. “You all, I am sick with COVID-19 and look what my son made for me and left it on the table right outside my bedroom door,” she wrote. In the photo, we could see a fork and a small tiffin, consisting of raw spinach leaves and a few strands of noodles. Alongside, there was a note written by her son. It read, “I made this for you! If it is not perfect, I am sorry.”

Take a look: 

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The tweet has now gone viral on social media, amassing over 2.9 million views. Her story reminded Twitter users of their own experiences when they first tried their hands at cooking for their parents. 

A person wrote, “When I was little my mom had a stomach bug. As she started to feel better and got hungry I made her a pb&j. Was the first food I ever made. I brought it to her bedside and took a step stool so I could watch over her as she slept. She said it was the best sandwich she ever had.” 

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But, not all stories had great cooks. A user recalled how his pregnant mother was tired of his lunches. He said, “When I was 5, my mom got pregnant with my little brother. She started bleeding so was put on bed rest. I’d come home from KG & make her lunch. It was bad enough she finally got up saying if she lost the baby, she lost it…but she couldn’t take any more of my lunches.” 

Some even stated that the child’s “perfect” salad is “the sweetest thing” on the Internet. 

“What a sweet pea!!???? that salad looks perfect to me”

A section of users even lauded the mother for “raising a beautiful soul.”

“That is sooooo adorable! You’ve raised a good kid,” one of them tweeted. 

Another said, “Great job Mum you are raising a beautiful soul…get well soon.” 

“Now that’s Love,” a tweet read. 

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As a kid, have you ever prepared a meal for your sick parents? Let us know your story in the comment section. 

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