Change Phone language from Chinese to English

Hey guys you called here welcome to another blog tech tips and as you can see on the screen here this is my Samsung device and of course it is in Chinese and of course I will show you to change the language from Chinese back to English and of course this also applies to any language including almost any known language art so if your phone is in another one we just simply get another

phone what you got to do is make sure that you’re able to connect to the internet once you do that go ahead and launch Google Play and once you’re ingoogley simply search for the following up and that up is actually Google Translate and as you can see I’ve already have it right here on the screen so I don’t need to actually search so type in

Google Translate and allow it to load and of course once it loads and I’ve already pre installed some special right here so as you can check it out right here this is Google Translate go ahead and launch once you launch go ahead and choose the language you can also select auto detect or any other long as you can see here there’s a whole bunch of them

you might have to download a very small file once you do that select a language and simply are auto detect and simply use the phone camera lens to look at the phone in a secondary language as you can see here it’s translating everything almost perfectly you can see on in real time that it is translate all of the e-text especially once

it can’t see it or once it’s focus and as you can see the phone is still in Chinese however the Google Translate is actually translating everything on the slide check out the settings menu right here guys and as you can see here let’s give me a second idea all right so as you can see right here it’s still translating everything beautifully and then

you can see I just need to keep my hands steady and once – steady those translate everything perfectly alright and it’s working flawlessly sorry so as you can see down here Oh as well all you gotta do is look at the menus and the new Siri option and on the system language for all the devices so go to system language and once you go to a language and input

on the system you’ll find it says your input and it says it’s on Chinese and that’s the language right there at the top of the screen and simply top the first option and screen and simply choose English as the referee language as you see it’s in Chinese right there and we’re gonna switch it back to english also know guys on newer devices you’ll find the language and input setting on

general our general management and then language and input all right so once I switch back to english you notice certain menus have been perfectly transported back to English and of course you’ll know analysis if you are ever at a device simply switch especially our kids might have switch it over to a second language right so on alright now as you see it’s working fine

I’m gonna show you how to do this how to navigate in the normal English menu so simply go to settings to change the language and then on the system go to language and input newer devices go to general management and then language and input and of course you can choose almost any pre-installed our language that you see here and as you can see mine is in English Ricardo garden from blogging tips and bye until next time bye

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