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Biodegradable Sponges for Cleaning – Natural Sponges for Dishes Pack-of-10 Cellulose Reusable Sponges for Household – Eco Sponges Kitchen Sponge Eco Friendly Kitchen Sponge

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(as of Dec 06,2022 20:59:33 UTC – Details)

Designed for You and Our Planet Made From Plants Made from sustainably sourced coconut fibers and wood pulp, you can tackle tough kitchen messes and do your part for the planet. Designed For Sustainability Our sponge box is made of 100% cardboard and has zero plastic waste. This helps reduce plastic waste from entering landfills and keeps our product on mother nature’s side! Powerful Non-Scratch Scrubber From the wood cellulose sponge that creates those soapy bubbles, to the coconut fibers that provide a powerful non-scratch scrubber, you’ll be impressed at what this plant-based sponge can do! Natural Sustainable Kitchen Sponge by Helping Out Earth. We are on a mission to change consumer goods to be more planet-conscious and sustainable for you and our lovely planet! Our dish sponges accomplish that with their all-natural plant-based cellulose sponge and their non-scratch coconut fiber scouring pad. Our sponge will handle your tough kitchen messes without harming the planet. Now, that’s a win-win for you and our planet! Dishes & Utensils Keep your kitchen spotless with our natural non-scratch dish sponge. Clean the stovetop, kitchen counters, pots and pans, and anything else to keep your household clean and fresh! Bathroom Sink These sponges don’t stop in the kitchen! Pair your favorite natural cleaner and our natural sponges to keep the germs away and the bathroom clean! Shower & Tub Our cellulose sponges are safe on all fixture types including stainless steel, brass, or metal. Use the natural coconut scrubbing fibers to clean in between titles and remove hard water build-up in the shower. Super absorbent material Our Eco-Sponge is made of cellulose and coconut fiber that absorb liquids fast and will lather up well when used with soap. With an Ergonomic Shape, Cleaning shouldn’t be that tiring for your hands. This scrubber lessens strain on your wrist and fingers. Gentle, non-scratching scrubbers Enjoy effort
🍃KEEP YOUR ENVIRONMENT CLEAN: Our biodegradable sponges are made of white cellulose & coconut fiber. 100% plant-based, which provides you an opportunity to go green
🍃DRIES BEFORE YOU KNOW IT: Unlike its plastic counterpart, its porous structure helps it dry up quickly which increases its life
🍃NO MORE HAND STRAIN: Regular dishwashing sponges can be tiring to hold, but this eco-friendly dish sponge is extra soft so a Lesser risk of straining your hands while cleaning
🍃SCRUB ANY SURFACE: Safely scrub your dishes & almost any other delicate surface without worrying about unwanted scratching. This eco kitchen sponge can help you wipe away grease, dirt & other impurities effortlessly
🍃ZERO WASTE SPONGES: Your pack of 10 reusable scrubbers can go straight to the compost after use which helps us in our ‘Save the environment’ cause

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