9 Useful Chrome Extensions For Students

There is one chrome extension that can literally act as your second brain with it you will never forget anything while the other extensions will help you to organize your life as a student will make your online research a piece of cake and will improve your writing skills sounds interesting then let’s watch this video in which i am covering the most useful chrome extensions for the students

which nobody is talking about the first extension is speechify with this speechify you can listen to the online articles you can listen to the pdf and you can listen while you’re doing other things for example if you’re going to gym or if you’re doing a walk you can listen to a book with the help of this tool and

it can enhance your productivity since these are the a generated voices but they are naturally sounding the advantage is that they can speak nine times faster than the normal human beings so you can select or adjust the speed and you can listen uh faster and you can listen to any device how this works is that once you open an article which you want to read

you can click on the speech by extension icon this player window will open you can just play this you can select the voices from the available free options are you have to go premium to select the other voices and you can just play this so you can see that the good part is that not only that the voices are naturally sounding it also keeps you focused on where it is reading by highlighting the text or

the sentence which it is speaking you can also move on to the specific part of the web page this player button would will follow your cursor and you can straight away press this and it would start to read from that place so the next tool which i want to recommend is an online digital writing assistant tool it is called grammarly it is it is an extension which you can download from the link which

i have given in the description it is free to use although it has the premium version or a paid version also which gives you the additional features but the basic version uh will help you to improve your english writing in terms of by checking your spelling mistakes it will also improve your grammar and punctuation and

if you buy their paid version it you it will check your writing in terms of correctness clarity engagement delivery and the tone of the writing whether it is an informal you are writing it to your friend or it is a former you are applying it for some job so it is a must have tool you must download this from the link in the description by the way if you want to buy it it cost only 12 a month

you can also buy that from the link which is in the description so the next chrome extension is called momentum it is basically kind of a home page whenever you will open the chrome this home page or this user interface will open it helps you to focus uh on your task and that on the top right hand side

it will give you the weather of your location towards the bottom left it will help you to keep track of your to-do lists you can change your location from the bottom left and you can do the google search from the top left so this is also an extension which is popular amongst the students the next chrome extension i want to recommend is the microsoft to do. (Chrome Extensions

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