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5 Best Passive Income Ideas To Earn 1000$ Per Month

When it comes to the passive income the first thing that comes to our mind is if we could make money without doing anything or make money even when we are sleeping or enjoying vacations to our favorite place with our friends and family binge watching netflix are reading our favorite bestseller books and

our account during this time keeps growing well you might be surprised to hear that with the exception of not doing anything and making money all of the rest is actually possible and in this video i will show you the five most popular passive income strategies with the help of which you can create multiple streams of income and

gain financial independence the advantages of generating multiple streams of passive income are that you don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck and you can be anywhere in the world and continue earning online with these methods without putting much of an effort which you might have to put into your primary job before deep diving into

these passive income sources it is important to reach a consensus on what passive income is while different people define it in a different ways perhaps the easiest way to define passive income is a strategy in which you don’t have to trade your time for money however generating passive income stream requires putting an active work up front that later on keeps generating the income again and

again without putting any additional effort now that we are clear about what passive income is here are the five most popular methods to generate passive income online the first one is creating and selling digital products digital products include downloadable files templates pdfs ebooks audio or video files and

even online courses are also a form of digital products which we will discuss in a minute but the advantages of selling digital products online is that you can sell as many as you want or your customer desires you don’t need the raw material to create these products and ship them to your customers like physical products everything in this case happens digitally and automatically you don’t have to create that product again and

again for example if you create an ebook or calendar template you can sell as many copies of these without putting in any additional effort this is why it is called passive income and the good part is that it is easily scalable digital products have high profit margins they don’t require repeat manufacturing and no physical storage is required you can sell your digital products on websites like etsy creative fabrica and

spring although creative fabrica is recommended and the link is in the description creating and selling online courses is also a kind of a digital product but it has its own niche audience and separate selling platform so you don’t have to be an expert to create a course on you can do online research on the topic and

organize that info in a logical sequence for your audience to consume even if your course doesn’t have any new thing people would still buy that course as you are providing them the value in terms of rearranging the information in a logical sequence which is saving them time although it requires a huge effort to research the topic and

create a course however once you are done it would most likely be the biggest source of your online passive income you can join the online courses websites like teachable udemy skillshare and coursera for creating the online courses the link to these sources are also mentioned in the description below another most popular online income method is affiliate marketing an affiliate marketing is when you promote a third.

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